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  • Arasaf

    Alacranes Rojos de Apatzingán en Mexico

    Club Deportivo Alacranes Rojos de Apatzingán es un club de fútbol de la ciudad de Apatzingán ubicada en el estado mexicano de Michoacán, actualmente jugara en la Liga de Nuevos Talentos.

    Historia: Los Alacranes Rojos jugaron por primera vez en Tercera División. Después de ganar la liga en el torneo de Verano 2002 (segunda mitad de la temporada 2001/02) representaron el equipo en la Segunda División, estuvo entre 2002/03 hasta 2005/06, El equipo en el Apertura 2004 alcanzo los cuartos de final de la Segunda División. En 2006 desaparecieron.

    Ahora regresan al profesionalismo en 2016, gracias a que los Zorros UMSNH por fin pudieron cambiar de nombre.

    Datos Tecnicos:Presidente Ing. Alejandro Mendoza Aguayo D…

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  • TheArtisticCarrot

    === ===

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  • Psipedg


    March 26, 2017 by Psipedg

    La anorexia es unas 10 veces más frecuente en mujeres que en varones (90 de cada 100 pacientes con trastorno de conducta alimentaria son mujeres), y más de la mitad de los casos empiezan antes de los 20 años.

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  • GiggleKrys

    I love this game. But I am having issues with finishing the quest event on

    BE OUR GUEST. I still have ways to go on fishing all the goals in it. I wish they would give people more time on finishing it. I work a lot and it interfers with completing all the quest events..

    So i am wondering if anyone else has that same problem?

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  • Dustinjohnson1234

    Okay, now THAT'S how you make a trailer. I have hopes for this, I really do. general observations, I do see some questionable things, and some good things. 1: since when is the flashes lightning blue? It's yellow. Zoom from the TV show has his lightning blue, but yeah, i don't know where they got that from.2: where is Superman? That whole dirt rising of the coffin thing was for nothing then?3: why does the CGI look like video game graphics?4: as most DC fan boys know, doomsday is an immortal death machine, and since they never showed what they did with his body in dawn of justice ending, will he return, or will Zack Snyder forget another trait of a DC character? And if he does return, will look li…

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  • Melanie Martinez Hot News

    The story started off when me and my dad were driving. The traffic was SO BAD, even Melanie fans in other cars were crying! I was angry at the moment. I thought I was gonna be late. But then, the cars started going and moving fast. Very fast! When we got to the concert, we came in the line to wait. ALL THE PEOPLE LOVED MY OUTFIT! I felt so proud of myself. I was wearing a doll dress, a Cry Baby bib, and a lighting up pacifier. I wore earings that said "Baby" on it. I met A LOT of Melanie fans in line! They were so nice. Anyway, we went into the vinue, and I could not see the stage because I am very tiny. lol. So, we went to the private party area. I was high up above and I could see from below. I could also see the stage cleary. When Melan…

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  • Melanie Martinez Hot News

    Hi! Today I am providing you some facts about the 2nd Melanie Martinez album!

    The concept of the album started with one of Melanie's Instagram posts, 09/19/15 ( There was a picture of 2 milk bottles. One of them read "School's Back In! Stay Alert!", and the other one read "Best For You, Best For Baby". I believe the album is about the neighborhood in which Cry Baby lives.

    (1) Night Mime, You Love I, Next Time It Rains, and other unreleased leaked songs may not be on the album because the songs may not match this theme. The album should be completly different than Cry Baby. With influences of Hip Hop/Alternative Rock. The album should be much darker than Cry Ba…

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  • GreekFreakEVO

    12 a.m

    March 25, 2017 by GreekFreakEVO
    Hey, I'm new here...sort of I've been on this website a few times but I just never signed up.So its 12 a.m here and I'm not supposed to be up but I just couldn't help it. I've read all the Percy Jackson books except the greek gods one, so I usually spend my time reading Percy Jackson fanfictions. Recently I've been reading the ones where Percy is a youtuber, I don't know why but it's just so nice to read. I love that the fans write other stories after the book (or in this case books) are finished. It gives me so much more new stories to read, plus the stories are really awesome too. I just wanted to add one more thing Percabeth you can see I am obviously a Percabeth fan though I don't hate any of the other ships I just think …
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  • Xxflower-crownxX

    ok guys plz say wut u r willing to trade for aJ!

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  • Human GLaDOS373

    Oneshot rp wiki

    March 25, 2017 by Human GLaDOS373

    Hey guys, I made  a new terrible Wiki for you to enjoy... So as some of you might have heard of oneshot if not you can watch markiplier's video on it.

    i made a OneShot RP wiki!

    Incase your interested, which I hope you are, You can go join the wiki here:

    It is still a WIP the theme isnt very good, it doesnt have a custom BG, it doesnt have a custom watermark, name.. thing...

    Hope you enjoy RPing on there, A new RP will be posted there soon ;).

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